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At Vic and Bert we are proudly committed to fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

Timeless design

Here at Vic and Bert we carefully create products built to endure, our garments embody a classic and timeless style that transcends trends. By avoiding flashy elements, color pallets and fleeting fads, we aim to reduce the need for constant redesigns, which in turn minimizes our footprint and conserves resources. Our timeless design echoes our mission to provide products that stand the test of time, while also contributing to a more sustainable and mindful presence. Our products are made with the values of longevity, quality and responsible consumerism at its core.

Sustainable materials

At Vic and Bert, sustainability is our core commitment. As a small retail business, we are acutely aware of fashion's environmental impact and are dedicated to minimizing our footprint. We prioritize selecting premium sustainable materials, striking a balance between luxury textiles and affordable prices while striving for minimal environmental impact. Our fabrics include high-quality natural materials like premium wool, alpaca (with plans for in-house production), cashmere, merino, and 100% cotton. We sparingly use synthetic fabrics, mainly to maintain garment shape and longevity, emphasizing our sustainability goals.

Limited production runs

As we are still a relatively small family owned business, we have gravitated to suppliers and manufactures that are also small family owned factories, which allow us  to place orders with relatively low minimums. These small, carefully sized productions allow us to create high quality, carefully crafted garments, and in turn avoids waste and conserves resources. 

This approach not only supports local artisans and communities, but also allows us to adapt quickly to changing consumer needs, avoiding over production and unnecessary waste. We believe quality triumphs over quantity, and our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our production processes - flip through the tabs for a more thorough understanding of our commitment to sustainability. 

Supply chain packaging

Vic and Bert pieces are packaged in 100% biodegradable, compostable, and non toxic corn starch garment bags. They travel in these bags from our suppliers to us, and from us to our wholesalers, and customers. Switching from plastic bags which Vic and Bert originally started with was a big investment, but has definitely been a worthwhile one, as we know the devastating effects plastic has on our beautiful home. Unlike regular plastic bags which can take thousands of years to biodegrade, and often just turn into microplastics, these biodegradable bags take only 3 - 6 months to break down, helping to reduce Vic and Bert’s environmental impact.